Glossier’s Newest Product is Here!

This is not your Grandmother’s face powder! Glossier, a cult favorite makeup and skincare company has released their newest makeup product is a setting powder, named “Wowder” because that’s said to be better than all the others. Reviews claim that it’s basically an instagram filter for the face, removing any and all blemishes, while still giving off a “real skin finish” to keep up with Glossier’s penchant for creating makeup that doesn’t feel like makeup. Now, this is definitely a surprising choice for the makeup and skincare brand. Their beauty aesthetics usually encompassing a dewy glow, rather than a matte finish, but Glossier is, above all, about giving their consumers choices. If a person wants to be dewey one day, and matte the next, they will do what they can to make sure their customers can do so without feeling excluded from their products.

But what makes Wowder so different than other face powders? Well, everything! From the packaging to the product itself, Glossier has taken all of the things about powder that we hate, the mess, the cakey feeling, and flat, dimensionless look, and turned it into something we could wear everyday. It still gives off a glowing finish, and acts as a skin perfecting pigment, meant to even out your skin, rather than cover it up. To avoid the mess that loose powder is known for, Wowder features a “trampoline compact” where you can press your brush down to pick up just the right amount of powder needed. Much like everything Glossier does, Wowder takes out everything we don’t like about traditional makeup, and add things we didn’t even know we wanted.

You can buy Wowder today on Glossier’s website for $22, along with the brush for $20, or you can buy them together and save 7 dollars.


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