MAC’s “Basic Bitch” Palette Is Everything We Wanted And More

When a MAC makeup artist posted a photo of her using a “Basic Bitch” eyeshadow palette early this spring, the internet had a frenzy, trying to find out where to get it. The mystery is finally over. The Basic Bitch palette, featuring matte and shimmery shades in a variety of neutral colors, is real, and finally dropping August 3rd. What’s even better, is that it’s bringing along an entire squad!

Instead of just releasing one new eyeshadow palette, MAC released 5 other palettes,all at the price of $39.50.  The line is called #MACGIRLS, meaning it’s not just Basic Bitch, they’re also giving us Power Hungry, Prissy Princess, Fashion Fanatic, Mischief Minx, and Rockin’ Rebel. Each palette includes eight eyeshadow shades, and an “impalpable glare” highlighter, to create many different looks!

Each palette is made to reflect a different personality or style that can be channeled through the colors given. For example, Power Hungry is a gold based palette, with color names such as “Gimmie That”, and “Bossing It”, and Fashion Frantic is a bright, pink color scheme, color names like “Shop Shop Shop”. I personally, am excited for Rockin’ Rebel, a bright blue driven palette, which features a frosty white highlighter, and some beautiful blue eyeshadow shades! The #MACGIRLS palettes are sure to make a splash when they are finally released to the public!


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