Moschino x Sephora

Moschino is a brand that has been known to mix low brow, tongue in cheek humor, with high fashion, and creative director, Jeremy Scott, has announced that we are about to be presented with a limited edition Moschino makeup collection in collaboration with Sephora! This excites me for so many reasons! Moschino is a brand that has needed to have a makeup brand since day one. The high quality of their products, along with their fun take on fashion is something that could only be seen as brilliant when channeled into makeup.

From this collaboration, we will be seeing a giant eyeshadow palette, makeup brushes, lipgloss sets, compact mirrors, and even faux fur sleeping masks, all adorned with Moschino’s beloved bear mascot, Toy! When the project was first announced, Jeremy Scott stated, “I  wanted to capture the iconograph of Moschino and there could be no more perfect of an ambassador to do that than our teddy Toy” I think this decision was a perfect way to keep the line fun and cute, while still keeping the feeling that customers are buying from a luxury makeup brand.

Scott also commented that the price range for this collection will be no more than $70, stating, “I learned very early on how much young people love my work, and sometimes they don’t have the means to get it. This is another way for me to do Moschino and not sacrifice quality. It’s a lot more accessible. I love to be able to put my arms around more people and have them be a part of the Moschino family in some capacity”. This is definately a line that will sell fast, the perfect blend of style and substance that moschino is known for is definately sure to leave an impact with younger fans, who are experiencing the brand’s products for the first time.

We’re all so excited to see this collection, because I have faith that Jeremy Scott will do a good job of giving fans quality products, along with a cute Moschino twist!


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