Evanescence Bring Fans To Life With New Album

We’re all at least slightly familiar with the rock songs, “My Immortal” and “Bring Me To Life”, by the American band, Evanescence, they definitely defined a generation, and for good reason. Lead singer, Amy Lee is a force to be reckoned with, her hauntingly beautiful voice can be delicate, yet strong, and contrasts perfectly with the dark instrumentals provided by the other members, Will Hunt, Troy McLawhorn, Jen Majura, and Tim McCord. Their songs meant so much to their fans, and they have not released any new music for at least three years.

With the rise of early 2000s’ bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Paramore returning to the scene, everyone is wondering when we’ll get some new gothic rock from the band. Well, fans are in luck! Amy Lee announced, in May, that the band is back, and they are going to be releasing a new album entitled Synthesis.  Lee explains that the album’s sound helped inspired the name. The lead singer explains that the album will have a completely new sound, much different from what original fans are used to. They achieve this by taking out the guitars and rock drums, and replacing them with a full orchestra and electronic music. The band will also be releasing two new songs in the album, along with reworked versions of classic Evanescence songs. Not remixes, though, Lee clarifies. Tempos will be changed, intros or outros will be added, to give the songs completely new energies.

As a fan, I can’t wait for this new album, it’s such an exciting concept, and I feel that the band is ready to try something new, but they will not give up their roots within the goth or emo subculture. I’m so excited to see what happens with this album, such an interesting concept!


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