Halsey Shows The World Her Romantic Side With New Album

Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name, Halsey, tells a story of forbidden romance, and heartbreak in her newest studio album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. While the singer is already known for transporting listeners into another world with her concept albums, she takes it to another level with this album. Here, Halsey narrates a dystopian Romeo and Juliet story through song about two rival Houses, Angelus and Aureum, where lovers, Solis and Luna must escape if they want to be together.

Halsey’s album blends 90s’ R&B, with her signature alternative pop synth-heavy sound, to create a beautiful mix of sounds that are almost hypnotizing. The song subjects mainly focus on relationships, or mishaps in love. Some, like “Angel on Fire”, and “Sorry” feel very personal. Others, “Hopeless”, or “Walls Could Talk” for example, focus more on the story and fantasy aspect of the story. Halsey starts the album off by reciting the first lines of Romeo and Juliet, an ominous humming and organs playing behind her solemn voice. “Good Mourning” is mainly a small boy who muses on what “Hopeless” means, and the lessons he’s been told. These songs work as brief prologues and interludes between her songs. The album goes from being unapologetically tough and independent, to scared and vulnerable, which can definately be seen as the character’s two sides of thinking about being alone. Halsey truly gave her audience a beautiful concoction of emotions, and an entire cinematic universe, encased in a single album.


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