Embellished Jeans Are Back!

Another early 2000s trend is on the rise! And this one was my personal favorite. I’ve been seeing jeans with sequins, rhinestones, and patches, everywhere as of late, and I can’t help but think back to my middle school days where every pair of jeans I owned had rhinestones, sequins, or silver glitter in different patterns. While we may look back and cringe at these designs, I think the revamped style might actually be kind of interesting!

Long gone are the days of flared low-rise jeans with weird cross designs and bedazzled back pockets. The new, and most popular version is usually a distressed mid-rise straight leg jean, covered in iridescent or holographic sequins. They’re definately the answer for what to wear to a party when you don’t really feel like dressing up. Sequin jeans are fun, flashy, and cutting edge, but still comfortable to wear throughout the night.

And to match with everything else that’s selling at the moment, there are no shortage of jeans decorate in fun patches. I’ve always been a fan of patches, and I think these are a fun and quirky way to show off your personal style and add a little flair to your wardrobe!

If you aren’t too big on the most popular style of decorated jeans, Gigi Hadid was seen sporting a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans with small pearls sewn into the threads. These seem like a great DIY project! I think these are great for people who love small statement pieces. These jeans are definately going to make people do a double take when they see them!

Whatever your style, there is definately a pair of embellished jeans out there for you. While we may cringe at how gaudy, wide legged, and over-decorated early 2000s jeans are, they did give us the foundation for these cute pieces!


  • Laurel Hope is 20 years old and has a love for the eclectic and alternative side of fashion, but still, enjoys keeping up with current trends. From international streetwear to haute couture, she loves it all with a fiery passion! Laurel’s personal style can range from soft and ultra-feminine, to dark and witchy, so readers can expect to hear and see almost anything from her. Not only interested in fashion, Laurel also loves writing about art, music, and telling readers all of the coolest places to go, and social events that are happening around the city. Interested in anything unique, fun, and colorful, Laurel writes about things that leave readers feeling excited, and ready to try something new!

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