Alexander Wang’s Second Adidas Collaboration

Adidas will continue its collaboration with high fashion sportswear brand, Alexander Wang, and has a whole new way of ordering the merchandise. Using this number: 917-512-7715, is the new way consumers can purchase items from the collaboration.By using a text message chat box, people can order items they want through text, and get their products delivered straight to their door. This method is definately keeping up with the nontraditional way of retailing used in the last collaboration, where products could only be purchased in parked trailer truck stores. Prospective buyers can follow @AlexanderwangNY and @Adidasoriginals for information on deliveries, and retail locations.

The concept for this season’s collaboration is definately a love letter to the underground scene of New York.Wang was inspired by his videos of mass cycling events, as well as the many neon shades used in his 2017 spring collection. The campaign video features delivery cyclists sporting balaclavas and bright neon colors, a style that combines the desires to be simultaneously seen, and unseen by the public eye. The bikers plaster up some signs, and race their way to a rave. The entire collaboration seems to bring up feelings of excitement, and and a disruption of the fashion status quo.

The collaboration launches via New York chatbot July 29th, and globally through retailers on August 5th. Watch the campaign video below, but be aware, there are a lot of bright, flashing images!


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