Glitters For Dinner Gives Us Our Clueless Fantasy and More!

If you are anything like me, you grew up loving the movie Clueless! I saw it when I was 10 years old and it changed my idea of fashion completely. I tried my hardest to cultivate a style of my own that was inspired by the classic school-girl inspired fashion Mona May created in the movie, one thing always escaped me. However hard I tried, Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport’s iconic plaid suit always escaped my grasp! One website, Glitters For Dinner, answered my prayers, and those of many.

The store is based in Thailand, has fulfilled our wishes by making matching skirt and blazer sets, almost identical to Cher and Dionne’s Jean Paul Gaultier’s creations, as well as different kinds of matching plaid sets in a variety of colors , for those who want the aesthetic, but do not want to mimic the exact costumes from the movie.

Along with their Clueless sets, they also have PVC separates, and cheerleader sets! I am obsessed with them because they fall into the box of alternative fashion that no one really designs for. When most people think of “alternative” or unique fashion, edgy goth clothing is usually what people turn to. There isn’t a lot of girly clothing brands that are as unique or interesting as Glitters For Dinner!

The thing that makes Glitters For Dinner different than most stores, is that they embody that slightly outrageous style from iconic movies, like Clueless or Romy and Michelle into everyday life. They don’t water down these styles to fit what is expected in mainstream fashion, they embrace the costume-y aspects and cater to those who have been waiting for something this fun and colorful their entire lives!

  • Laurel Hope is 20 years old and has a love for the eclectic and alternative side of fashion, but still, enjoys keeping up with current trends. From international streetwear to haute couture, she loves it all with a fiery passion! Laurel’s personal style can range from soft and ultra-feminine, to dark and witchy, so readers can expect to hear and see almost anything from her. Not only interested in fashion, Laurel also loves writing about art, music, and telling readers all of the coolest places to go, and social events that are happening around the city. Interested in anything unique, fun, and colorful, Laurel writes about things that leave readers feeling excited, and ready to try something new!