Gucci Fall Winter 2017 Campaign

Creative director Alessandro Michele has given Gucci a complete transformation over the last two years, fans of the brand, as well as critics have praised his work with the brand, making it the brand to always watch out for. Michele seems to be able to take references from anywhere, from Japanese Pachinko parlors, to Renaissance art, and create a collection full of nuance and imagination. This time, Alessandro Michele reaches beyond earthly pleasures, and goes fully futuristic with Gucci’s newest campaign.

The campaign for 2017 Fall Winter is nothing short of imaginative. Directed by Glen Luchford, a video campaign was released by the brand, showing off Gucci’s newest elaborate, and creative concept. Heavily inspired by 1950s’ and 60s’ science fiction aesthetics seen in classics such as Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, or Barbarella, the campaign gives us a retro-futuristic fantasy full of green martians, UFOs, and even a ship inspired by the Starship Enterprise! But of course, this is Gucci, so style never overpowers substance. The models are decked out in floral brocade suits, sun hats with brims so wide, that even satellites are envious, and of course, the staple print-on-print style Gucci is becoming known for.

The genius of Gucci, is that the brand is one of the few large brands that do not rely on celebrity endorsements to show the popularity and credibility of the brand. Instead, they focus on interesting concepts, and let their products, rather than a model or celebrity do the talking. This campaign is so quintessentially Alessandro Michele’s  Gucci, because it’s slightly eccentric, and completely unexpected, but it works so well. The retro-futurism aesthetic is a nice break from the sleek minimalistic, or dystopian future scenarios we’ve been seeing so much of recently, and it also meshes well with Gucci’s aesthetic as a brand. Watch the entire video to get the full experience!


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