Love Tribe’s Nickelodeon Collection

Out of all the 90s’ nostalgia, the one thing that everyone collectively looks fondly on, is the programing on Nickelodeon! Rocko’s Modern LifeAll That, and of course, The Rugrats are beloved shows that we all remember in one way or another. Love Tribe knows this, and created a rather stylish, and colorful collection based off of these iconic television shows we know and love.

The clothes themself already have a wildly 90s’ feel to them! Bright colors and graphic designs emblazoned on comfy, oversized shirts are so fun and nostalgic! This line is available exclusively at Macy’s and has been selling off the racks since August 15th!

The relaxed feel that Love Tribe centered this collection around is amazing because it reminds us of the fun childlike things we wore when we were young. Bonnie Dogan explains, “The ’90s are trending in a big way at the moment. One of the biggest things for our brand was that we wanted to do something fun and playful for back to school.” And playful it is! Shirts featuring sayings such as, “You Make Me Want To Barf” from Clarissa Explains It All and fun new slogans!

Perfect for any person who is a kid at heart, likes being comfortable and stylish and loves to play with eye-catching pieces, Love Tribe nailed what was so fun about the 90s’ Nickelodeon style! And there’s still more to come! The brand won’t reveal any secrets, but we’ve been told that this isn’t the end! Even more pieces are in the works!


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