One of the great things about New York Fashion Week is that it’s is a semi-annual event, and each new time we can find extraordinary designs from coveted artists all over the globe. For fashion fans, NYFW is an extraordinary event and one that brings in front a rather distinct and downright rewarding experience. So, being able to explore all of this during February and September is extremely exciting for sure.

According to Vogue, NY Fashion Week was a success in February, and now we can expect some rather interesting and wonderful collections for the Winter. But while the expectations are high, it’s clear that some designers are going to up the ante quite a bit.

What designers can we expect at the event?

While NYFW focuses on many designers, there are quite a lot of designers that we can expect to shine again. Marc Jacobs would be one of them, and then there’s also Thom Browne as well as reputable companies like Michael Kors, Coach 1941 and many others.

There are multiple trends that we may see during New York Fashion Week, all of which tend to bring in front a rather distinct and unique approach to fashion. For example, sterling silver is extremely hot on the fashion market, so we are bound to see it integrated into some of the pieces found here.

And then there’s Folk, the addition of Ostrich Feathers, double denim, plastic or cozy knits. These are some additions that a lot of people expect to see at the fashion week in NYC, but obviously, things like this are subject to change. It all comes down to the designers and the trends they have in mind, but the overall results that they can find here are downright amazing and impressive.

How can this change the industry?

Obviously, each new fashion week is set to provide us with an insight into what we can wear this year. But as you can imagine, it’s also going to set the tone for things moving forward. At this time, we only get to speculate, but it’s safe to say that NYFW is going to bring some rather distinct and uniques idea that may last throughout 2017 and 2018. The reason why the fashion week is so powerful is because it always becomes one of the pivotal events in the world of fashion and everyone interested in this will be watching, in spite of recent changes.

So yes, we are bound to have a very interesting New York Fashion Week at the beginning of September this year. According to the official NYFW schedule, the fashion week takes place from September 7-13. So yes, we will have a full week of extraordinary, distinct and unique fashion events. One thing is certain, if you have even the slightest interest in checking out some of the latest pieces of clothing and trends in the fashion industry, you are bound to check out the fashion week that comes to New York very soon!  by CT