Pantyhose stockings will always make you look fashionable!!.

The cold does not stop us when it comes to wanting to wear our skirts and favorite dresses in winter, and that’s why we resort to the indispensable accessory: pantyhose. But many times we get complicated and do not know how to use them, or we forget that there are many very stylish varieties that can really make a difference in your look.

Occasionally we are either very reserved or we are afraid to leave our comfort zone, remove those shorts, skirts or dresses also in winter. Well, with the average pantyhose the problem is solved. And for the more risky we bring you the colorful pantyhose, nobody ever said that winter should be boring.

In 2017 Balenciaga, Gucci and Céline are some of the luxury brands that paraded their models on the catwalk wearing this particular trend.

1. Balenciaga Spring 2017

2. Carven Spring 2017

3. Gucci Fall 2017

Tests only opaque or black colors, you are missing a great opportunity to give your look a cool and unique touch. 

The opaque black pantyhose are a must in the closet of all women, but have at least one of another color  even a navy or cocoa can completely transform a woman. Mesh pantyhose are not just for Halloween. Make sure you keep all the rest of your outfit simple and covered, in order to avoid any reference to the Moulin Rouge style.

The brightness is an obvious alternative for a great night out, but they also look amazing if you incorporate them wisely to a day look. You can wear shiny pantyhose with a cut skirt A, a blouse with flights and some booties.

And you would dare to use them?

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