Sunglasses are a fashion piece in any season.

Who does not love sunglasses? This accessory is, without a doubt, a must for a look of any season. Even when it’s cold, it can still be really sunny. That means exposure and damage caused by UV rays, that could cause many problems.

Large frame: You need glasses that cover the eye contour, the idea is to protect the vision of the low sun as well as any really cold wind. You will also avoid dust and smog, which means that you will not spend the day with irritated red eyes.

Choose dark frames: Think brown, black or gray, forget the smoked and reflective finishes.

Fashionistas prefer them dark. And it is because this piece gives a touch mystery and style to the face.

Technology has made huge advances, and in recent years the lenses have had innovations such as: argorithmic shapes, whiskers and crystals.

Both men and women can always look fashionable and how do you prefer them?

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