The first viral dress of 2018 is THE PERFECTION.

As far as the internet is concerned, there are certain trends that have a journey, while others live only a few months or even a few weeks. Their future is unpredictable, because it depends on how many firms have supported them, how many celebrities have taken them and how many people on foot have dared with them.

The equation is complex and absolutely ungovernable, so it never ceases to amaze us to continue to return to our lives garments that once were viral and that seek to repeat success.

The Sophie dress case belongs to this category. It is a Rouje model – the firm run by Jeanne Damas – that once sold out, as the brand itself communicated through its Instagram account, and that is now back on sale thanks to the insistent Ladies followers, who have asked the influencer in every imaginable way to please put it back on sale.

Obviously the Selena effect has had its importance in this sense, since the fact that the singer wore the Sophie dress when there were no more available models no doubt triggered the demand for it and increased the size of a waiting list that was already considerable before Gomez included his name in the equation.

Viralities apart, this model is a great investment in all respects, but especially because it has 3 characteristics that we should ask any garment that is nominated as a candidate to enter our closet:

1. It is timeless: that is, it will never go out of fashion. And when we say “never” it means “never”.

2. Promise to favor any type of figure: it is only a question of finding the right size, so we advise you to read carefully the explanations on the size that Rouje has published on his website.

3. It adapts to any situation very naturally: from the office to the wine glass afterwards and vice versa. We hardly think of places where this dress would be out of place. Its elegance without artifice shines wherever it is.

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