Tyler, the Creator x Converse

Tyler, the Creator is definitely known for being what his name suggests, creative. His clothing line, Golf le Fleur, is full of brightly colored clothes that let us have the 90s’ cartoon style we didn’t really know we needed in life. When we first heard of his collaboration with Converse, we began dreaming up what it would bring us. The art for his newest album, Flower Boy, should have given us a hint. In the cover art, Tyler stares off into a sunset, surrounding him, are a field of sunflowers, and huge bumblebees, one even hiding his face.

The bee and flower motif are seen everywhere in this collaboration. From the soles of the shoes, which are covered in sunflowers, to the small bumblebee stitched onto the back of the shoes. Tyler took the Converse One Star shoe, and covered them in easter-egg colored suede. Available in four colors, Sulphur, a bright egg-yolk yellow, Airway Blue, a hazy sky blue color, Peach Pearl, a dusty pink, and Fuchsia Glow a vibrant lilac shade.

While these shoes seem rather simple, there’s something extremely childlike about them. For example, the flower stitching around the Converse star reminds me of shoes I wore when I was young, not in the sense that they seem childish, but they are reminiscent of a time where clothing was fun with no real reason to it. Converse are a known as a staple shoe, something basic you can put on with an outfit and look effortlessly cool, but these aren’t the kind of shoes you’d kick in the back of your closet, they’re something fun and fresh that I don’t think I’d stop wearing. My favorite small detail Tyler added, was the small line of text on the rubber siding of the sneaker, reading, “Don’t let ’em kill your flowers, water your garden and stunt” in a nearly invisible off-white color. It’s the small details that make these shoes so fun. They’re definately there to make the wearer happy, rather than to cause attention to be drawn to them by others.

The sneakers are priced at $100, and set to be released on August 3rd, along with some other limited edition Golf le Fleur x Converse merchandise, such as a Converse Essentials hoodie, and tee shirts, all featuring iconic Golf designs. This collaboration is said to be long term, so we can’t wait to see what Tyler will create next.


  • Laurel Hope is 20 years old and has a love for the eclectic and alternative side of fashion, but still, enjoys keeping up with current trends. From international streetwear to haute couture, she loves it all with a fiery passion! Laurel’s personal style can range from soft and ultra-feminine, to dark and witchy, so readers can expect to hear and see almost anything from her. Not only interested in fashion, Laurel also loves writing about art, music, and telling readers all of the coolest places to go, and social events that are happening around the city. Interested in anything unique, fun, and colorful, Laurel writes about things that leave readers feeling excited, and ready to try something new!

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