Be careful!!, Because four-button jeans are better than zippers.

If you’re one of those who think you never have enough cowboys, friend, you’re in luck. Because it was already said by those who know the most about fashion: 2018 is going to be -and at the moment that is how it is being- the year of the rebirth of jean.

Along with the classic cigarette in indigo blue (which you already have in a thousand different versions) come others with renewed cuts and colors for all tastes, styles and different body shapes. Models so ideal that they have proposed to revolutionize this garment of ‘all the life’ that never lack in our closet, giving him even more roll if it fits and, EYE, doing also tipazo?

Yes, doing TI-PA-ZO.

And it surprises, the truth, because the key is in a detail to which, probably, you have never paid any attention to it. We talk about the zipper or, rather, the NO zipper. And is that after many, many cowboys have come to the conclusion that the models with button closure – four, in particular, are a thousand times better.

And if you do not believe us, we have 5 super reasons that, sure, will convince you:

1.- They are NOT like any jean If at first glance you think he’s a cowboy like any other, you’re wrong. The details make the difference and in this case the buttons manage to transform their casual aesthetics, taking it out of ‘normal’ and turning them into the perfect jeans for formal and / or party looks (because yes, you know that we are very fond of going out in jeans without stopping).

2.- Stylize and lengthen the silhouette They tend to be always high shot so, unlike a classic cowboy, these make waist and lengthen the legs. And if that was not enough, they also make a perfect derrière because they adapt and adjust as if it were a glove. With qualities like that, how can they not be one of our favorite garments?.

3.- They have their own style manual Because yes or yes you have to wear them with shirts, sweaters or T-shirts INSIDE, showing the buttons well (no hiding them under layers and layers of clothing) and boasting of tipazo.

4.- They are ideal with LA summer sandal That of which you will not stop talking, that of thin strips and heels of vertigo that literally sticks with all your closet and that judging from the photos we will also take non-stop with the jeans of 4 buttons. And we add, although with a big heel all we are sure that, as these fit the leg, if you wear them with your favorite sneakers they will also give you many LOOKAZOS.

5.- And last but not least, we can find them in one of our favorite stores Once again, Zara has provided solutions to our needs even before we ourselves became aware of them. And he has done it in the form of two skinny super skinny (because no, the cigarette is NOT dead).