It’s Crunch Time – These Workouts Will Have You Ready For Summer

With the first day of summer approaching in less than a month, its now or never to achieve that perfect summer body. Exercise is an essential part of healthy weight loss but it is a time investment. Whether you have hours of spare time or your schedule is jam packed, that summer body you want can’t attain itself. Here’s a few workouts pinpointing the essential areas needed for summer salvage:



Using these 6 exercises you will attain that perfect V cut or those gorgeous abs in no time!


Everyone wants the perfect booty! These will help you achieve it whether you want to tighten, firm or expand.


Legs are essential to the summer body slayage. The perfect toned legs can be achieved with these workouts implemented into your routine.


Last but not least arms. Following these you’ll lose the little underarm jiggle that we hate and your summer look will be complete and fit.

Implement all these into your workout routine for a flawless summer body. We only have a few weeks so get to it! It’s crunch time!


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