Succulent Cakes Are A Thing Now

Succulent plants are everywhere! From tee shirts, to hanging terrariums, everyone has seen these desert plants around. There are definately some bizarre places people have placed them. On nails, in coffee mugs, and one place I didn’t expect to see them were on tops of cakes. Bright pink roses made of frosting have been replaced with greenery, and lots of it. Pictures of cakes covered in realistic succulent plants have been everywhere.

This trend has been all over instagram and pinterest, where people are posting pictures of intricate cakes covered in succulents! I have to wonder what is appetizing about this, however. While visually stunning, the colors don’t really make me think “Cake” and give me the feeling I’m about to eat some leafy greens instead. That doesn’t mean that I’m not completely enamoured with how these cakes look, and it certainly doesn’t mean that I’d rebuff a slice if I was asked to try some!

No matter how you feel about the visual aesthetics, they’re made with the same ingredients used in any other confectionery! Copious amounts of buttercream frosting are used to construct each and every delicate plant. So no matter how healthy they may look, these cakes are just as sugary as any other! The thing that I think is the most interesting about this trend, is that succulents and cacti are slowly becoming more popular than flowers. They’re beautiful, but not in a classic way like flowers are. I think it’s extremely interesting that people are celebrating different kinds of plants in terms of aesthetics, but have normal flowers become “basic” in the process?



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