You can wear this heel all day, with any outfit.


If you haven’t had the chance to try Everlane’s Day heels yet, I’m not surprised. Although the design—an of-the-moment block heel in pliable leather—launched several months ago, its full run of colors sold through within 24 hours, leaving a 28,000 person waitlist and hundreds of FOMO-inducing reviews in its wake.

You can visit the site if you want the full break down of what all those satisfied customers have to say, but the basic gist is this: These are the holy grail, wear-them-all-day-without-blisters-or-pain pumps you have been searching for.


So do they live up to the hype? After about a week of wearing my first pair almost every day (side note: comfort-factor aside, the style looks good with pretty much anything), my feet are feeling pretty darn content. Even my arches, which suffer from a running-induced flare up of plantar fasciitis, are fine after several hours in these babies—a life saver for events where even my most “fashion-y” of orthotic-friendly sneakers feel too casual.