Ad Campaigns Prefall 2017

Get ready for new advertising campaigns featuring Pre-Fall collections from your favorite fashion houses. Between large photographers, celebrities and new faces.

A surreal garden designed by the creative director of La Perla, Julia Haart, is the backdrop to the brand’s new campaign. The protagonist, Kendall Jenner, photographed by Mert & Marcus.

Part of project 365, Encounters illustrates the first visual identity of the Prada Pre-Fall 2017 campaign.The campaign, taken by Belgian photographer Willy Vanderperre, portrays young Selena Forrest, Kris Grikaite and Nina Gulien in the intimacy and familiarity of an environment home. The result is a representation of absolute normality, in which the models are captured by surprise, photographed in motion, thus rendering the spectator the voyeur of a story to be made.

Jaime King, Samantha Archibald, Iesha Hodges and Lily Nova are the new testimonials of the Miu Miu Automne 2017 campaign taken in London by Alasdair McLellan.

Gucci’s catapult us into a ballroom with men and women dancing in front of the photographer’s goals. The reference is to the spirit of Northern Soul, the English underground movement of the 1960s. For this season, the brand explores the exuberance and expression of those who challenge the company’s conventions. The Made You Look exhibition devoted to the masculinity and dandyism of men of color, hosted at Photographer’s Gallery in London, was the starting point.


  • Being 23, I see the world in a different way- in love with fashion and culture from a young age. I was born in a multicultural family in Italy, that promotes the love for beauty in every field, from the food to the fine arts. This encouraged me to cultivate my hobbies, my passions and not to be afraid of the unknown. My motto is “The future you see is the future you get. “ Chasing my dreams has always been a constant in my life. This played a big part of me moving to NYC. I can only hope to become the next Giovanna Battaglia one day. During my free time, I explore wines, tacos, and my love for avocados.