Kendall and Kylie’s New DropOne Collection

They did it again! Kendall and Kylie came out with another collection. They modeled their new line, “DropOne”, on Instagram prior to it being released on February 17th. It is a limited edition capsule collection that will be produced seasonally. I had high hopes, but after looking at all of the pieces, I have a very mixed reaction.

First off, this feels a lot more authentic to who they are, and it is accurate of what these fashion celebs would actually wear.

The jackets are by far, my favorite part of the collection. It would be a major update to anyone’s street style.

After those comes the Lucite bootie, which is mostly see through, excluding the metallic toe and trim. These remind me of a modern Cinderella glass slipper. Another one of my favorites is the corset bodysuit, which I would definitely attempt to wear as often as possible.

Even though I think I’m too short to rock these, I love the vintage jeans. The paper clip replacement for the button is such a cool addition.

Now… as for the rest of the collection, I’m at a loss for words. There are Paperbag sweatpants, which are high-rise, wide leg sweatpants with side pockets. There is no drawstring by the ankles, but instead, there is a huge one by the waist, hence the paper bag look. I truly don’t know anyone who this would look flattering on.

There are also $125 satin shopping bags, which I don’t understand the purpose of. Lastly, and worst, is the long sleeve corset t-shirt. This may be one of the worst pieces of clothing ever created for public appearances. I had to include two pictures to prove how unflattering it is.

These are all limited editions since each piece is hand numbered and made in the USA. There are several items that are already sold out, so go shopping now if you want to splurge. Please, for me though, don’t buy the long sleeve corset.


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