Nathalia Gaviria debuts at New York Fashion Week

NG:GOLD Fall/Winter 2018

Nathalia Gaviria makes her first New York Fashion Week show.

The Colombian designer’s workshop is located in Los Angeles. Her brand caters well traveled, conteporary men and women in between the ages of 18-49.

Like minded brands include: ”Joy Rich”, ”Opening Ceremony”, and ”Vivienne Westwood”. There are three collections under the ”Nathalia Gaviria” label:

*”Nathalia Gaviria”: attributes, balanced, fun, easy to wear, luxurious.
*”NG-Gold”: attributes- irreverent, punk, ostentatious, dangerous.
*”NG-Black”: attributes – Chic, androgynous, structured, mysterious.

The new collection, designed under the NG:GOLD label, presented on the night of Sunday, February 11, bears the name “CORICANCHA HOUSE OF THE SUN.” It features a brave bold winter of color and texture, energized by South America, to uplift all nations. This collections was inspired by the descendants of the ancient Incan mountain tribes. Coricancha is an optimistic collection, celebrating life through referencing the vibrant culture of Cuzco people, it honor their reslience, and passion.

Indigenous Incan Gold treasures and ornamentation are mix subconsciously with the glamorous heritage of Hollywood.

See a models walks the runway in the Nathalia Gaviria presentation during New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion NYFW at The Angel Orensanz Foundation.


Natalia is also known for creating the costume designs for “Machika” the music video of Colomban singer J Balvin. Gaviria has also designed for other artists such as Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Janet Jackson, among others.