NYFW: Nidal Nouaihed

Yesterday I witnessed first hand what goes into putting a fashion show together. It’s not just glam, glitz and beautiful models… well, it is beautiful models, but it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of talented people to put everything together.

I had the pleasure of covering the Nidal Nouaihed show from backstage to the runway.

Nidal is a couturier based in Venezuela with more than 30 years in the fashion industry. He has worked with some of the biggest celebrities out there, and has been a partner with the Miss Venezuela organization and other international beauty pageants. His brand is synonymous with refinement and originality. And let me tell you, I’ve never seen a collection quite like his.

But let’s start from the beginning. The back-of-house was the best part, it was mayhem, but it was a lot of fun indeed. Everyone was running around, models getting their makeup and hair done, dresses were being ironed and steamed and Nidal was putting the finishing touches on some of the beautiful pieces. I had a chance to steal him away for a few minutes to talk to him about the collection:

LG: How does it feel to be presenting in NYFW?

NN: It’s very exciting.  I have an amazing team that worked really hard and made everything possible. Right now I’m very excited and very happy to bring this collection to NYFW. A collection that speaks about my city, Maracaibo, and its religious history and beliefs. My collection is totally different, very artistic dresses with broderie, brocade, fur, velvet and a lot of textures that takes us on a trip to the colonial times in Venezuela when the Spaniards came and taught us Christianity.

LG: As a Latino designer, I have seen here a lot of Latin models. How important is to you to include Latin models in your shows and your work?

NN: It is very important. We need to support each other, and it’s fundamental that as Latinos we stay united to represent the Latin America fashion. Also, we speak the same language, so we can understand the meaning of the collection. I’m really happy with the work of everyone.


From this point on, things got really chaotic, with all the models getting dressed and ready for the runway. The craftsmanship of Nidal was amazing, the details on the dresses and the men suit were incredible. The thought behind the accessories and how to place them was impeccable.

As Nidal said, the collection, that included menswear as well as women’s wear was heavily influenced by religion and the colonial times in Venezuela. The looked very rich, they were embellished with gold details, lace, fur and had the Alexander McQueen vibe with big shoulders and structured skirts. In the menswear section, suits in different patterns like leopard, floral and metallic fabrics combined with shirts printed with saint images on them.

The show opened with a model dressed with nude underwear, a special accessory in his groin area a long red cape and a golden crown that was definitely the scene-stealer of the show.

Accessories were a huge part of this collection, with male models wearing crowns, eye patches and mouth-guards with chains, and the women wearing real fox fur scarves, jeweled crowns, and veils. This added to the drama and made for a lot of breath-taking moments.

It’s incredible to me, how all the hard work, all the sweat and the tears, turns at the end to a 15 minutes runway show that goes so fast, that if you blink you miss it. But for this runway show, those 15 minutes told a beautiful story full of history and color.

Contributing Writer, Maia Senderowitsch