Young women and sun are once again at the center of a Sofia Coppola film. With The Beguiled, the director of Lost in Translation brings the grand screen of the Grand Théâtre Lumière of the Cannes Festival a story to the female who has the flavor of her The garden of suicide virgins , Reversing its psychological aspects. Kristen Dunst, Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning, Colin Farrell are the protagonists of a sort of erotic thriller: Farrell is a wounded Northwest soldier who finds hospitality, despite the different flag, at a female college in the South during the US Secession War. His arrival awakens the interest of all: Director Kidman, Teacher Dunst (the actress was already in the cast of the Garden of Suicide Virgins), and female students: from the physical attraction of Fanning to the curiosity of the smallest.

The sexual tension of the largest and the resulting rivalry to get the attentions of the soldier culminates in an accident with disastrous consequences. Farrell, who until then seems to move among the women who are not too determined on the flattery to whom to surrender, finds himself in a monster’s nest. Remake of the film The Good Night of Soldier Jonathan (1971) directed by Don Siegel (in turn taken from the Thomas Painted Devil’s novel by Thomas P. Cullinan), if Colin Farrel fails to match the ambiguity of Clint Eastwood, the female characters are here wrapped in an apparent mildness that hides the terrible cruelty.


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