The suit is a piece that makes women look fashionable.

“Because fashion can tell stories.”

Fashion, as well as music or painting, is an art; and, therefore, it is a sign language and a way of communicating on a non-verbal level. The dress of a person emits -whether or not- a speech that must be read by someone who will consider that person as modern, old-fashioned, cool, elegant, ridiculous, vulgar, quirky, among many other options.

The “artistic” part of fashion is the closest to the language itself. Put another way: fashion, style are full of messages that strongly influence the level of “authority”.

“Power dresssing”, a fashion style typical of business and politics that emerged in the 70s (but could go back to when Joan of Arc put on a male armor).

Power dressing fuses gender roles through the use of the two-piece male suit, round-neck sweaters, shoulder pads, knee-length skirts, that is: sober and conservative attire, which makes it possible for women to enter a field traditionally male, transmit authority, respect and credibility. Power dressing is a symbol of status and power.

In this context, several have stated that power dressing does not imply minimizing the identity of women, but rather emphasizes the fusion of clothing genres.

Personally, we deeply love Coco Chanel, her classic jacket with pearls, that “little black dress”, the pants, and many other elements that are a “must have” in the closet of many women. But we are sure that when Coco Chanel launched its brand, its vision was to develop a costume style that would generate a classic and casual elegance.

The trick is not only that it feels good, it is not even choosing a different and precious dress: it is that it also talks about the role of fashion in a cultural context. Fashion can be a tool, it can tell stories. In fact, the history of fashion is, in perspective, a mirror of the society that we were and also of the things we wanted to say or to keep quiet. The red carpets are a moment of aesthetic communion, it is true, often focused only on the reading of beauty. It is the moment in which to feel free to live and speak fashion in a trivial and unprejudiced way because that is what a red carpet is for, to be the show that we deserve from time to time. However, everything changes if the mental button is activated, if there is a message behind each choice.

Last night at the 75th Annual Golden Globe was not the exception to show this elegant piece on the red carpet. Claire  Foy looked impressive wearing a Black esmoquin for Stella McCartney. And also of Emma Watson’s dress to the jacket of her companion, the activist Marai Larasi.