Theater Products Debut at NYFW


Japanese fashion has been a great influence for great designers out there so it was natural for one of Japan’s biggest brands, Theatre Products,  to showcase their collection for the first time this year in NYFW.

Theatre Products was founded in 2001 and is currently based in Roppongi, Tokyo. The brand’s founders, and as of 2007, main designers are Akira Takeuchi and Tayuka Nakanishi. The label has a great influence in Japanese fashion as well as a huge following. Their philosophy and the brand’s concept is “Fashion creates theater wherever it goes.”

For their debut in the U.S., they presented a capsule collection in partnership with Nakaden Keori fabrics that was inspired by “One night, two-day trips.” The collection was packed with the relaxed elegant wardrobe one would like to pack for a European vacation, such as light dresses and soft room wears developed using Nakaden’s high-grade fabrics.

The collection consisted of pant suits, skirt suits and dresses that were classic and funky at the same time. The silhouettes were relaxed and oversized with kimono-like sleeves all in monochromatic colors. There were a few standout looks in the collection. One of them was a satin-gabardine floral print top and flare pants that looked very rich and comfortable.The second one was a Purple dress that was made with recycled textile that was one of the only colored items in the entire collection, and finally, a look with a rose embroidered tailor dress that was a wow piece paired with satin-gabardine wide legged pants.

The looks were paired with great accessories like bags, hair clips and gloves that were quirky and added that extra mmmfff to an eclectic collection.