Three New Glitter Products You Need Right Now

This year in beauty has been all about glitter and shimmer. Since the beauty revolution is in full swing, we felt that it was our responsibility to keep you updated on these three new glitter products that you need to get your hands on as soon as possible. Start saving, because the sparkle doesn’t seem to be dulling any time soon.

Milk Makeup Limited Edition Glitter Stick

After teasing fans for days, Milk Makeup has finally released their limited-edition Glitter Stick, just in time for Pride Month! The Glitter Stick is made of shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil, and it’s cruelty-free. The roll-on stick is multi-colored and buildable, meaning the more you put on, the more you’ll sparkle, and the base is neutral, so people of all skin tones can glitter just as beautifully. The product also donates fifty percent of its proceeds to The Center, an LGBTQIA + Community Center in Manhattan. The Center’s vogueing group, SNAP!!!, is featured in the Glitter Stick’s promotional video as well. However, the Glitter Stick is only available for the month of June, so if you want to sparkle, head here fast!

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Glittery Eye Shadow Palette

Too Faced‘s newest eyeshadow palette is straight out of every glitter addict’s dreams. The Too Faced Glitter Bomb Glittery Eye Shadow Palette includes eight vibrant shades of eyeshadow, all with adorable names, as per Too Faced. It even includes white and black bases: white to brighten the hues, and black to intensify them. As makeup addicts know, these shades aren’t just for eyes. They can be used as highlighters, body glitter, and more. We’re so ready to sparkle. Get your palette here!

Kat Von D’s Mystery Lipsticks

As if the glitter revolution couldn’t get any better, Kat Von D‘s VP of Product Development, Nancy McGuire, has been teasing these glittery lip shades on her Instagram over the past few days. The lipsticks seriously sparkle, and the colors are super vibrant. These are shades we haven’t seen on lips before, and we’re extremely excited to find out what they are, when they’re coming out, and how people are going to absolutely rock them.



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