Henrik Vibskov Copenhagen Spring 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Week is one of my favorite times, because unlike Paris or Milan Fashion Week that show rather well-known designers, and feature universal trends, Copenhagen Fashion Week gives its audience a different kind of european fashion. Designers from Sweden, Denmark, among others can show off their latest collections. Kicking off CFW, is Henrik Vibskov, a danish designer who always makes a scene with his fashion shows. Last year, performers began his show by lying on the floor, and one accidentally falling asleep! Vibskov turned this moment into the inspiration for his next collection, which explores sleeping, dreams, and pajama dressing.

There is an immediate feeling of dreaminess and childlike creativity. Vibskov has re-imagined striped button down shirts into dresses, and dressing robes into chic dresses. The collection is definately one that can supply the wearer with a sense of escapism because the style of the clothing seems like it’s from some sort of wonderland. The main pieces seem like warped versions of closet staples we all have, suits, button downs, shift dresses, and sweaters have all been re-imagined into a sleepy, and trippy version of itself.

One of my favorite things from this collection are the cylindrical crescent shaped  handbags  that remind me of neck pillows, or life rafts that have been sliced in half. They’re such interesting pieces. I also love the way these pieces are so loose and free, yet don’t border on bohemian. They stay in this imaginative and quirky aesthetic that feels like a stylized children’s clothing.

The best thing about this collection is the use of prints. The collection explores pajama fashion further than just the silk top and bottoms we’ve been seeing everywhere lately, and instead, displays mismatched patterns, such as florals over horizontal stripes, and oversized crew necks. The sleepy models are draped in oversized items, that look like far more realistic sleepwear, rather than the fancier silk sets. Henrik Vibskov is known in the fashion world not only as a designer but as an artist, and this collection not only set the bar pretty high for Copenhagen fashion week, but it also gave us a new-found sense of childhood nostalgia.



  • Laurel Hope is 20 years old and has a love for the eclectic and alternative side of fashion, but still, enjoys keeping up with current trends. From international streetwear to haute couture, she loves it all with a fiery passion! Laurel’s personal style can range from soft and ultra-feminine, to dark and witchy, so readers can expect to hear and see almost anything from her. Not only interested in fashion, Laurel also loves writing about art, music, and telling readers all of the coolest places to go, and social events that are happening around the city. Interested in anything unique, fun, and colorful, Laurel writes about things that leave readers feeling excited, and ready to try something new!

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