Hipster style story.

The hipster style has grown so much and is so present in our current society that we have reached a point where we define almost anything as a hipster. But what are the real characteristics of this urban subculture? Today we go into its history to know it thoroughly.

Origins of hipster culture

As I said, at this point in the film, we dare to define as a hipster any man with a long beard. But not friends, not all the mountain is oregano or all the bearded are hipsters.

This term emerged in the United States in the 1940s, to define jazz fans and, of course, had some characteristics that defined them: they dressed more formally, they lived modestly, they displayed great sarcasm and they enjoyed some sexual freedom.

A feature that does not exactly match the current concept of hipster, which has changed jazz for alternative music, which enjoys outdoor activities and rejects consumerism and almost everything mainstream. They also bet on healthy eating, often linked to veganism, as well as ecology and craftsmanship.

This is hipster clothes

Of course, the clothes of hipsters have their own peculiarities. In theory, his style is based on combining vintage garments with others that go out of popular trends. But of course, the hipster has become itself a popular trend, so we could say that it has become mainstream (just of what in theory tried to flee).

Texans skinny jeans, shirts with messages, check shirts, vests and accessories such as hats, bow ties, pasta glasses or the mythical Wayfarer are some clothes that can not be missing in the wardrobe of any self-respecting hipster. Of course, the more vintage, the better. To be a true hipster you have to flee from the low cost franchises.

Healthy life and technology

Hipsters want us to live in a better world. For that reason, they take care of the planet with the ecology as a flag and it is usual to see them moving around the city on their bicycles (if they are vintage, much better).

Although yes, technology is very present in their lives and, make no mistake, Apple products are part of their universe, no matter how mainstream they are. Whether it’s an iPhone or a Macbook, what matters here is the back apple, which for that is a healthy fruit.

The role of the beard

Once arrived here, let’s surrender to the obvious: there is no hipster man without a good beard covering his face. That’s how it is. The longer, the better. Unceremoniously. But beware, how long is not synonymous, at all, careless.

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