Rodarte Spring 2018

One of the beautiful things fashion can do, is make us feel like we’re somewhere else. Rodarte’s 2018 spring collection did just that. The delicate chiffon fabrics flowing with every movement, even in pictures transports you to a world away from the stress of day to life. Even the leather-clad models had their ensembles softened with pearls or metallic bows. Leather dresses were adorned with large petal-like ruffles, which were an unexpected, yet beautiful pairing.

The next set of looks featured beautiful tulle and chiffon dresses, embellished with beads and pearls, or three dimensional flowers. I really liked the use of a mid-calf length dress instead of an extremely long length. The dresses remain elegant, and beautiful without a classic, floor-length hem. Another beautiful detail were the use of real baby’s breath flowers in the hair and as shawls. I loved this small touch because the flowers on their own are rather plain, but when used like this, they’re dainty, almost fairy-like accessories.

I was a big fan of the panels of chevron ruffles on some of the separates, and asymmetrical skirts.  Also, while the runway took place in a flowering garden, the colors in the collection seemed to be only black and white, with small splashes of baby pink, pastel blue, buttery yellows, and bright red here and there. I also love the use of texture when it came to these dresses. The swiss dots and fuzzy fabrics added an extra layer of softness and dimension to these dresses. The use of different textures allowed the looks to be rather simple, yet interesting.

The finale dresses featured an overload of baby’s breath flowers, and tiers of tulle fabric. I definately think these flowers will be seen on many brides this year. Rodarte’s Spring collection for 2018 was like a girlish daydream. From the fabrics showcased, to the simple silhouettes. This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite collections of all time, because of the way these pieces make you feel like you are somewhere else entirely. Escapism is definately a well-known trait in fashion, and this collection showcases that beautifully.

  • Laurel Hope is 20 years old and has a love for the eclectic and alternative side of fashion, but still, enjoys keeping up with current trends. From international streetwear to haute couture, she loves it all with a fiery passion! Laurel’s personal style can range from soft and ultra-feminine, to dark and witchy, so readers can expect to hear and see almost anything from her. Not only interested in fashion, Laurel also loves writing about art, music, and telling readers all of the coolest places to go, and social events that are happening around the city. Interested in anything unique, fun, and colorful, Laurel writes about things that leave readers feeling excited, and ready to try something new!

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