The decade of the 90s: The worst fashion in contemporary history.

Between the years 1990 to 1993, known as the worst fashion in history that carries a neo-hippie aesthetic, little concerned about the physical beauty of the outfit, better known as the “Antimoda” decade.

If we go back and compare the 80s and 70s were two periods that had some glamor, vindication with the world in general, to have a strong touch and a final cry of counterculture and culture with contemporary art in all its aspects, but the years 90s definitely not.

Faced with the neglected aesthetics of the time, the cosmetics industry launches different types of products on the market that aim to give the natural appearance of the person: moisturizing, transparent masks that will unify the color, such as multi-purpose cosmetics that work for giving color to the lips, eyes and cheekbones this was a resounding success for the time. Men often wore briefs better known as “boxers” a rebirth of the past but in the 90s they were made of polyester with colorful designs. Jeans every day bloomers or very wide no one was looking to wear very tight jeans and of course could be very broken and very faded. In the young girls they wore very much the very short blouses known as crop tops, the camisoles, skirts over trousers, floral dresses over the jeans, very colorful cocktail dresses and the plain dresses of the whole body better known as “slip dress” .

Remembering the fashion magazines of the 90s pretended that everything was more casual more comfortable no matter if it was wide or broken, everything was based on variety and not on the specific and lasting trend. The time rather did not follow any trend was to put on the clothes you gave you. In fact if you projected a lot with what you put on or you made up a lot you were out of fashion.

Music is also part of the fashion movements and in the 90s there were musical movements like “El (grunge), example: Nirvana, Sonic youth, Pixies or Radiohead. The rap (noventero), example: MC Hammer, Vanilla ice, Dr dre or Beastie boys. The dance music example: C & C Music factory, Corona, Jam & Spoon ft. Plavka or Reel to Real.

The sophisticated feminine fashion counted on the one born in the 90s “Minimal chic” and to a classic now that the tailors began to use with multiple combinations: narrow skirt below the knee, straight trousers, or straight trousers. Straight coats of masculine cut, knitted sweaters with classic skinny trousers, always with straight and square marked shoulder pads, something that was the standard of the 90s. the characteristics that have returned in the present are the masculine lines in the feminine, together with contrasts of totally feminine silhouettes, strong materials such as leather, skin and plastics as well as the soft gauzes, in colors the black and white stands out in a futuristic way and clarifying and oriental dyes begin to take strength, the patterns maya, Arab patterns, floral, animal print and block colors.

In the mid-90s the colors of the 70s were revived a little and for a couple of seasons they returned to wearing very depilated eyebrows and eyes in iridescent pastel tones. Also they begin to use ethnic fashions, such as piercings and henna. The nineties are a decade of healing, restoration and hope. The search for novelty and artistic freedom, a consumer generation of basic clothing that defended the democratization of luxury. Emphasizes minimalism, simplicity and rejects the ostentation experienced in the 80s, as well as the impositions of the market.

The key word in the 90s is the exacerbated “individualism”. Everyone wants to express themselves and do what they want. This will also apply to length, style, pants or dresses: the freedom of what each person uses what they want to wear, and the said “Fashion to whoever fits” will be used.

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