I’m a Huge Fan of the Tiny-Bag Trend, and This Is How You Style It

People either love or loathe the tiny-bag trend. I happen to be a fan of these teeny-tiny little purses, and I was absolutely thrilled when my husband, Pat, bought one for me for my birthday. It came in the most gorgeous shade of baby blue, and it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen (even next to my dog, Charlie). Right off the bat, I could see the shock on Pat’s face when he realized how small the Jacquemus bag actually was IRL. He thought it looked bigger online, which I found utterly amusing.

Sure, it’s not the most practical bag in the world — I happened to forget my phone behind on my first night of using it — but fashion is all about having fun, and in the famous words of Marie Kondo, it sparks joy in my life. I think the appeal behind the style stems from the fact that it gives any outfit a little dose of personality, and it doesn’t hurt that they are cute as heck. It shows you don’t take yourself too seriously, and the minis also teach you how to downsize. The size forces you to only carry essentials like your ID, credit card, and lip balm and get rid of all the clutter in your bag. If you are wondering how exactly to style your mini since it can feel a bit daunting at first, I’m breaking down some easy options for you to give a try. Thanks to some of my favorite street style stars, I’m showing you 14 easy ways to style your tiny bag ahead.



Renew Your Everyday Routine With These Mindful Tweaks

No matter where you look these days, everyone is talking about mindfulness. Luckily, you don’t have to overhaul your entire routine to achieve a happier and healthier state of mind. There are few more opportune times than the start of a new year to incorporate mindful tweaks into your usual regimen, but these tiny tips can make a big difference. In fact, we’ve found a handful of options that are guaranteed to renew and refresh your life on a daily basis.

Practicing a mindful life is all about being present in the now. Whether you’re looking to invest in a refreshed skincare routine that’s sure to inspire a deeper sense of self-care (and a glowing complexion) or get your body moving, these mindful habits are here to make this your best year yet.

If you find yourself leaving notes and random to-do lists for yourself everywhere, consider investing time into a Bullet Journal. The customizable and creative take on regular journaling exploded as the new It trend in 2017 but has yet to fade for one reason: it’s effective.

Living in the digital age, writing anything down on a piece of paper may feel off-putting and outdated, but this analog system works for anyone looking to take precious care of their time. Not only does a Bullet Journal inspire you to get crafty (think: colored markers, stickers, rulers, etc.), it also consolidates random thoughts and tasks into an organized space. Whether you’re filling in your yearly, monthly, or weekly log, you’ll notice a difference in the kind of goals you find yourself actively manifesting for 2020.


Gone are the days of “just getting it over with.” It’s officially time to clear out your medicine cabinet for products you’re excited to use and offer visible results without a side of irritation. The solution: Burt’s Bees Renewal. This collection takes all of the guesswork out of hunting down products that utilize nutrient-rich botanical ingredients to tackle a range of skin concerns, from wrinkles to brightening dull skin.

What makes the line so essential is its hero ingredient: bakuchiol. The powerful retinol alternative is effective, but gentle by nature, so you can use the entire Burt’s Bees Renewal collection morning and night. While the Renewal Refining Cleanser deeply cleanses the skin with natural exfoliators to gently smooth the skin and reduce dullness, the Renewal Intensive Firming Serum offers a nutrient-rich treatment to improve skin elasticity and firmness, and the Renewal Firming Moisturizing Cream can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin texture and tone. Top everything off with the Firming Eye Cream, which firms and hydrates the delicate undereye area, leaving skin smooth and depuffed. To round out your new routine, add the Dark Spot Corrector to your rotation. In addition to fading the appearance of dark spots, it also reveals a brighter, more luminous complexion.

Once you restock your cabinet, start dedicating at least 15 to 20 minutes to indulge in this full regimen, packed with nourishing and firming ingredients that are sure to inspire you to mindfully engage in your routine. Your skin will thank you for it.


You’ve heard the eight-glasses-a-day rule for years, but whoever handed down the age-old advice wasn’t lying: drinking more water on a daily basis is good for you. Of course, how much water you drink regularly is solely dependent on your unique biology, but committing to the tiny resolution will quite literally be refreshing.

Fancy reusable water bottles are a status symbol these days, so getting your hands on a water bottle that motivates you to get up and refill isn’t difficult, and the results will be worth it. Guzzling more water doesn’t only keep you healthy and hydrated, but it also offers potential skincare benefits. A higher intake of H20 has been proven to result in bouncy, dewy skin. An added bonus: drinking more water equals more bathroom breaks, and if you have the kind of job that keeps you in front of a computer for eight hours a day, the tiny break will do your body even more good.


In the realm of recovery and restorative habits, stretching is perhaps the latest and greatest. Yes, your gym teacher made you do calf raises once a week before running a timed mile (which, for the record, was the worst), but these days, stretching can be a crucial and relaxing part of your routine. Whether you participate in dynamic stretching to warm up your muscles before a HIIT class, do static stretching after an intense cycling ride, or join a stretching studio for a guided practice, your body is sure to feel renewed almost immediately after. Not only does daily stretching decrease muscle stiffness, relieve post-workout aches, and improve posture, but it also feels really good in the moment.


When life is feeling especially stale, it’s time to get a hobby in your spare time. Unwinding during your daily routine can seem impossible when your calendar appears virtually impenetrable, but the benefits of learning a new skill that isn’t a side hustle or direct impact on your income can offer a range of benefits. Think: becoming a pro at managing stress, increased creativity, and, if your hobby involves a club or community of people with similar interests, you might expect improved self-esteem. Go ahead, join that book club, learn how to cross-stitch, or pick up watercolor painting when you have the chance — you’ll be happier for it.



Kylie Jenner Just Made Spring Denim Happen With a Collared Minidress and Quilted Chanel Purse

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A post shared by Kylie ? (@kyliejenner) on

A solid pair of jeans can be transformed into a cute outfit for pretty much any occasion, but Kylie Jenner’s collared denim minidress is for one event only: looking glam. On Monday, Kylie shared photos of herself posing around her office on Instagram to show off her figure-hugging dress, her new caramel blond hair, and her bubblegum pink manicure. The beauty mogul paired her outfit with a Chanel Quilted Denim Purse ($3,900) and a pair of 4-inch Balenciaga Metallic Corset Heels ($1,490) — talk about dressing up your jeans. Keep scrolling to take another look at Kylie’s chic look ahead, and check out tips for styling jeans this Spring.



This Dating App Hides Your Match’s Face Until After You Talk To Them

Tired of superficial swipe culture? There’s an app for that.

Unlike Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder, brand new online dating service S’More (which stands for “something more”) prioritizes conversation over selfies. This is how it works: Users receive recommended profiles each day chosen specifically for them by an algorithm that factors in values, passions, preferences, and behaviors (ghosters beware!). Except, there’s a catch: All photos of your potential matches are blurred out. The more you engage and chat with someone, the more their pictures un-blur until, voilàThere he/she/they is!

Falling for someone whose face you’ve never seen sounds creepy, catfish-y even, but S’More founder Adam Cohen-Aslatei says the idea was born out of a frustration people feel with the current “hot or not” swipe trend on apps. “Dating is not a beauty contest,” he says. “While physical attraction is very important, it’s only part of the love equation. S’More delivers on the full package.”

The idea is to encourage users to get to know a match first, before seeing what they look like. Everyone is required to verify their account with a selfie and you can link your profile to other social media accounts, photo galleries, and Apple Music playlists. Users are also limited to the number of chats they have at a time, which Cohen-Aslatei says encourages deeper conversations.

A former director for Bumble’s gay dating app Chappy, Cohen-Aslatei says S’More features a kindness score to encourage positive behavior on the app. Users are also able to interact with profiles with interactive icons and multimedia options to reflect the personality of the user. Similar to Uber, all profiles feature a public rating, which is based in-part on user behavior. The public waitlist for S’More is now open on


5 Unexpected Nail Polish Colors To Take You From Spring To Summer

You’ve done it again: “it” being a manicure, that is. And in a few weeks, those perfectly lacquered chicklets will leave little half-moons of a bare nail in their wake, and you’ll have to take it all off and do it all again. It’s a cycle of polish, remover, polish, remover that you can’t seem to break—and, sure, gel polish exists, but it can’t stop your nails from growing out! It’s… exhausting.

That’s why a new wave of nail styles only bother taking up a little of your precious nail real estate—and you’ll be seeing the technique all over come summer. It’s the best option for when you have other things to worry about: no more awkward chips or grown-out bases, just the color, shine, and general put-together-ness you already love about having a manicure.

Lest you think a partial manicure sounds boring, I rounded up five of my favorite examples from Instagram that are anything but. (They’re ranked by skill level, so you can keep it easy or take on a challenge.) And if the DIY approach isn’t your thing, you can always bring a photo to your favorite nail tech for help—the beauty of the style is that it works just as well on every finger as when it’s just an accent. With you as the base color, you can make your own rules.

Level 1: A Minimalist Approach


This is the style to convert even those who prefer a bare nail to a polished one. And it’s the easiest to accomplish on your own! Just like how Scotch tape can help perfect your eyeliner, you can use it to make chic, geometric designs without worrying about being too precise. This style works best with solid, classic polish shades—Imarni did it in white, but I think it would just look good in a glossy black or classic red.

How to: Tape four pieces of Scotch tape together to form the outline of a small rectangular window. It helps if you do all five (for your five fingers on each hand!) at once, so you don’t have to wait for each nail to dry. Then, adhere to the tape, so the windows lay flat on your nails. Once they’re flat, swipe your nail polish—I used Tenoverten’s White—over the top. You don’t have to be careful about your application technique since the tape acts as a shield for the negative space. Once they’re dry, peel off the tape and cover with topcoat.

Inspired by: Imarni Nails

Level 2: The Unexpected French


If French manicures conjure up bad memories of the early aughts, consider 2020’s fresh take: instead of a chalky white, paint the tips of your fingers with the colors of the rainbow. The look works best on long-ish nails, and you can either keep it monochrome or experiment with different Skittles shades.

How to: Starting with bare nails, take your color of choice (I used Amarillo Highway from Death Valley Nails) and wipe off most of the polish on the brush for maximum control. Going slowly, place the brush halfway on your nail and halfway off, and sweep a line from the outer corner to the middle. Repeat on the other side, and then on each nail. Clean up any excess with nail polish remover on a Q-tip, and finish with topcoat.

Inspired by: Fong Min Liao

Level 3: The One That Uses A Pen


The Foundrae jewelry designer’s Instagram is flooded with her easy manicure styles. And you can copy the style at home with a nail polish marker, like Sally Hansen’s I Heart Nail Art Pens. The simple designs skew more bohemian than minimalist (thanks to their likeness to delicate finger tattoos), and you can experiment with different patterns: dots, chevrons, and simple lines are all fair game.

How to: Like when you get a new Tide pen, these nail art pens take a few pumps for the color to reach their felt tips. But once the polish is flowing, use a light hand—it’s runnier and more opaque than traditional bottled shades. Two dots (one bigger, one smaller) looks uber cool, and you can mix them with different lines and squiggles. Have fun! Once you’re finished doodling, finish with topcoat.

Inspired by: Beth Bugdaycay

Level 4: When You’re Feeling Cute


The editorial and celebrity nail artist has touched the hands of everyone who’s everyone, including Dua LipaBlake Lively, and Alexa Demie—and her intricate designs are hard to beat. But one wavy take on the full French manicure is easy enough to accomplish on your own. All it takes is a small paintbrush (something like this works) and two colors of your choice. The happiest nails I ever did see.

How To: Start with your first color (in my case, J. Hannah’s Eames) and paint about one third of your nail. You don’t have to worry about making the bottom squiggly—that’ll come in step two. Once the first layer has dried, I used my small brush to paint OPI’s Mexico City Move-mint in a squiggle along the edge. If you paint the line right where your first color edges, you can make the squiggle thick enough to cover any gaps. Once that dries, finish with topcoat.

Inspired by: Nails By Mei

Level 5: Tie Die, For Your Fingers


The tie dye trend that picked up steam last summer is charging full steam ahead again this year. Which is good news for your nails! The look screams warm summer days, melting popsicles, and being too concerned with a day at the beach to think about updating your manicure. Nail artist Katie Masters pioneered this technique, and to do it at home all you’ve got to do is work quickly.

How To: Gather up all your rainbow colors. I used OPI’s Viva OPI, Don’t Tell A Sol, and Mi Casa Es Blue Casa, plus Tenoverten’s Liberty. Drip a dot of each color onto a piece of tin foil, and using a small brush, apply the colors concentrically. They don’t have to be perfect circles. Once all the colors are on your nail, take either a clean brush or a toothpick and drag it from the red to the inner blue. Make sure to do this step before the nail dries! Repeat for each nail (it helps to make fresh drops of polish for each one, too). Then, when everything’s dry, seal with topcoat. Get ready for compliments.

Inspired by: Katie Masters

Beauty LifeStyle

The Best Makeup Moments Of The Week

You’re scrolling through Instagram and there it is: the most beautiful face beat of any and all face beats. If you’re like us, this happens daily and at times, hourly. From ASMR foundation applications to wings so perfectly drawn you think a protractor was involved, here are the best beauty moments of the week.

1 Caramel Macchiato

J. Lo’s latest makeup look is as toasty and warm as a grande cup of coffee at the crack of dawn. The star of the show is easily the lips, a soft brown hue, that complements her bronzed cheeks and smokey brown eyes.

The Muse: Jennifer Lopez

The Artist: Scott Barnes

The Timestamp: March 13, 2020

The Tools: Scott Barnes Snatural N1 Palette, $84;

2 Candy Girl

Winter minimalist makeup had its moment, but now it’s spring’s time to shine! Here, Sir John shows us how to experiment with colors by painting the model’s eyes in bubble gum pink outside of the lid and cotton candy blue on the waterline.

The Muse: Thalia Crone

The Artist: Sir John

The Timestamp: March 12, 2020

The Tools: Beauty Blender Glass Glow Highlighter, $25;

3 Seeing Red

Red is the go-to color for lips but oft-overlooked when it comes to the eyes. But makeup artist Marika D’Auteuil’s latest look shows us that it’s time we stop sleeping on the sultry crimson shade. Instead of just washing the lids with the color, D’Auteuil created an abstract design around the lids to bring the drama to the eyes and a blotted red lip.

The Muse: Jade

The Artist: Marika D’Auteuil

The Timestamp: March 12, 2020

The Tools: MAC Cosmetics Paint Stick Palette, $70;

4 Stupid Love

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“STUPID LOVE” 2/28, midnight ET ❣️ #LG6

A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on

Lady Gaga has given us the gift of new music, a new video, and the ultimate pink glam. The singer and actress used her very own Haus Laboratories to create the perfect pink alien look. We are in stupid love.

The Muse: Lady Gaga

The Artist: Sarah Tanno

The Timestamp: February 28, 2020

The Tools: Haus Laboratories Monster Matte Lip, $18;

5 The Prettiest

This is what makeup dreams are made of. It’s soft, it’s glam, it’s everything. Also in love with Harrier’s twists, but that’s a topic for another day.

The Muse: Laura Harrier

The Artist: Dana Delaney

The Timestamp: February 28, 2020